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Real used car sales prices from real people. Be informed for your next sale or purchase.

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Auto Gofer

Real used car prices. From real people.

Search now and see what others are paying for the used car you're about to buy or sell.

AutoGofer Real Prices

Most car websites share pricing information on used cars. However, their pricing analysis is based on listing prices for used cars. In the real world, car prices are negotiated down from the listing price. AutoGofer Real Prices are based on the actual sales price paid on the vehicle, as reported to us by you. Search prices here.

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AutoGofer Real Pricing is available for 22 vehicles and is growing daily. There are 1465 real tranactions prices reported to AutoGofer as of now. Click here to add a price of your own.
BMW 328  335  M3 
Chevrolet Cobalt  Silverado 1500 
Ford Escape  F-150  Fusion 
Honda Accord  Civic  CR-V  Fit 
Hyundai Elantra  Sonata 
Mazda MAZDA3 
Nissan Altima  Sentra 
Toyota Camry  Corolla  Prius 
Volkswagen Jetta  Passat 

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